Br. Azam

" Who was Phophet Ayub (a.s.)"- By brother Azam
Masjid Manhattan - 1/24/20 Who was Prophet Ayub (a.s)? What did he taught us? Watch and find out. Amazing!
"Importance of Sincerity in Islam" by Brother Azm
Recorded at Masjid Manhattan on 3-22-19
"Reason for revelation of Surah Al Kawthar" By: brother Azam 11- 30- 18
Why was surah Al-Kawthar revealed? Listen and find out. Masjid Manhattan 11-30-18
"Be thankful to Allah." By: Brother Azam 7-6-18
Beautiful reminder about being mindful about our Creator, Allah.
"How great are the teachings of our Prophet (PBUH)" By: Bro. Azam 12-29-17
Wonderful sermon by brother Azm about the great teachings of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). May Allah reward him.

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