Br. Azam

"Best biography, the one of Prophet Mohammad " (pbuh) by: brother Asm
Kutbah on 12-23-16 at Masjid Manhattan. The best biography, the biography of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)
"Hijrah" By: brother Asm 10-7-16
Khutah at Masjid Manhattan at 10-7-16.
"Goals in this life" by Ustadth brother Azm 10 -30-15
Khutbah of Friday Oct. 30th. Brother Azm discuss about the goals in this duniah and the ones of the Hereafter. May Allah reward brother Azm.
"Month of Ramadan Reminders" By brother Asm
6-26-15 Kutbah at Masjid Manhattan. Brother Asm gives us important reminders about the purpose of the Month of Ramadan.
“Good Manners in Islam”  by Ustath Azam Choppy
“Good Manners in Islam” by Ustath Azam Choppy
5/22/15 Kutbah: Brother Azam reminds us about the importance of the good manners in IIslam

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