E. Elshinnawy

"Four things Allah created with His own hands" by Imam M El-shinnawy on 10 2 15
Kutbah of Oct. 2nd 2015. Wonderful sermon by brother El-shinnawy where he explains to us about four things that Allah supponahu-wa-Allah created and honored with His own hands.
"Believing women and believing men are supporters of each other" by M. El-shinnawy
Khutbah of 9-4-15. Beautiful sermon by ustadh El-shinnawy about supporting and helping each other as a believing ummah.
"Undeniable proofs that a Creator (Allah) exists" by: Ustadth M. El- shinnawy
Khutba of Friday, 8/7/15. How can we proof that Allah exists? Who is The Manager of all things? Were the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth the result of a random event?
Ustadh Mohammad El-shinnawy:
Ustadh Mohammad El-shinnawy:"The Nature of Guidance"
Kutbah of 2-6-15. How come some people are considered guided to the right path more than others? How come some are considered not guided at all?
Ustadh M. El-shinnawy:
Ustadh M. El-shinnawy: "Advice to married couples"
Jan. 2nd, 2015. Brother Mohammad talks about the creation of Allah, marriage and how we should ask Allah for help.

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