Ibrahim Sultan

"Salah" by brother Ibrahim Sultan 10/14/16
Brother Ibrahim reminds us about the importance of the salah. May Allah reward brother Ibrahim!
"Allah is the Most Merciful, The Most Kind" By: Br Ibrahim Sultan
Khutbah of 8-12-16. Brother Ibrahim Sultan reminds us about the Mercy of Allah and His willingness to accept our repentance. Jazakum Allahukhyran brother Ibrahim.
"Ramadan is over, now what ?" by brother Ibrahim Sultan
Kutbah of 7-24-15. What to do after Ramadan is over? Brother Ibrahim Sultan gives us a great advice.
Br. Ibrahim Sultan:
Br. Ibrahim Sultan: " The demeanor of the Sahabas"
Kutbath of 12/19/14: Brother Ibrahim remind us about the excellent manners of the Companions of the Prophet (pbuh).
Shk. Ibrahim Sultan -
Shk. Ibrahim Sultan -"Strangers" Kutbah
Masjid Manhattan - 2/28/14 Kutbah Being strangers or travellers in this transitory live.

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