Question #13-85: Is it okay to marry two sisters at the same time in Islam?


Hello, First of my question is of severe importance for I am a polygamist mormon. I have two wives and both are sisters. I love them both very much and I have kids with both. We, the three of us, have been together for a long time, but we have been studying Islam....and find it to draw us to it. We have seen in marriage about that we can’t marry to sisters at same time unless it was before islam...does that mean if we converted we would be ok still married ???or not...?? all help. I thank u in advance!


Hello dear friend,

According to the Islamic law, man can marry more than one and up to four wives.  That is if he  treats  them equally and with fairness,  but if he is not able to do so it will be only one wife.  Also, in Islam it’s forbidden to have two sisters in marriage at the same time. Review Surat Al-Nisa(4-23) “Wa-An tajmaou bayna Al-Okhtayn Ella ma- qad salaf inna Allah kana ghafouran Rahhima” {And two sisters in wedlock at the same time, except for what has already passed, verily, Allah is oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.}

If you want to convert to Islam you are welcome, but you will be allowed to keep only one as wife and the second one as your sister inshaAllah (God willing).  According to the law of Allah, the one who you choose to leave will become forbidden to you in marriage or as a wife, but you could still financially support her until she marries someone else. Also, you may need to renew the contract of marriage (marry according to Islam) with whom you want to keep. The children you have from both women are still your children and you will be responsible for the financial support of them

Please feel free to ask any questions and keep on studying about Islam. I am sure that day by day, you as you acquire the knowledge will find a lot of sense, justice and satisfaction in the law of Allah.

Thanks for contacting us.

Sheikh Mostafa

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