Question #13-62: Is it allowed for a Muslim woman to marry a Non-Muslim man?


Is it allowed for a Muslim woman to marry a Non-Muslim man?

Hope you are well. I wanted to know get some answers. I'm a Muslim, but I have my own beliefs as well. I have a boyfriend who is not a Muslim. We want to get married asap. I was wondering what we have to do to get married the Islamic way as I would like our marriage to be valid. We don't want our families to be involved. We just want to get married and want it done asap and want to know if it can be done at a Mosque and be valid? I understand about having two witnesses, the Mahr condition, but I'm just confused because since my boyfriend is not a Muslim and we don’t want our families to be involved, is it possible to get married the Islamic way with a Wali if needed or what needs to be done? Hope I'm not confusing you or troubling you. Thanks!


In the name of Allah, The Ever Merciful.

Assalamualaykum sister,

Thank you for contacting us.

First, I would like to say that I really do not understand what you meant by saying that “you have your own beliefs”. In Islam what is forbidden or permissible, it is forbidden or permissible for everyone. Sorry, but I must remind you that we, Muslims, have no opinion when Allah or our Prophet have declared something haram or halal. We must listen and obey.

Now, in Islam, as you may know, a Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim man. It is totally forbidden, therefore, the marriage is not valid. For the marriage to be valid, first the man would have to truly become a Muslim and state the Shahada (the Islamic declaration of faith). Otherwise, the relationship is considered as fornication (Zinah).

My advice to you is that this man should be encouraged to study about Islam and maybe Allah will guide him to become a Muslim. And, YOU, you should find out where you are standing with Allah and fear Him. This relationship (of being boyfriend and girlfriend as viewed in this country) is considered as adultery in Islam; therefore a great sin.

May Allah help you and guide you. Allah knows best.

Jazakallah khyer.

Shk. Mostafa

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