Question # 13-39: Is it allowed to marry a Jewish woman?

Question: Assalam Alaikum. My Muslim cousin is marrying a conservative Jewish woman. She is not Orthodox. Is this marriage permissible? It is permitted to attend this wedding or would it be a sin to do it?


"Alhamdulillah wasalatu wasalmu Alla Saydina Mohamed”

Walikum salam.

In answer to your first question, yes, we are allowed to marry from the People of the Scriptures (Christians & Jews). The evidence for this can be found in Surah Al-Ma’ada (5:5). But, there are some conditions that must be followed:

  1. The woman has to be a chaste woman.
  2. The marriage must be carried out according to the Islamic Shari’ah, not according to their religion. (i.e. ceremony celebrated at a church or temple).
  3. The children born from the marriage will have to be raised as Muslims.
  4. The woman must also understand and agree that no violations to the Islamic way living should occur. For example, she must know and agree that gambling, drinking alcohol, taking the children to church or temple, allowing strange man in the house in the husband’s absence is strictly forbidden in Islam.
  5. Husband must work hard to help her become Muslim.

In response to your second question, yes, you can go the wedding if it will be celebrated according to the Islamic Shari’ah. There is no problem if her family is present at the time of the nikah.

Allah knows best.

Shk Mostafa.

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