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“Be committed to your religion ”
“Be committed to your religion ”
Kutbah of 5-1-15 by brother Ahmed Samnoud at Masjid Manhattan.
Shaykh Abdullah Hakim:
Shaykh Abdullah Hakim: "Ten Points reflect on and that would change our lives"
Kutbah of 1/30/14. Brother Abdullah reminds us of ten points that could change our lives.
Br  Abdul Nasser:
Br Abdul Nasser: " Don't lean to this Duniah (life)"
Kutbah of 3-21-14 Br. Abusl Nasser reminds us about our goals as Muslims and not to incline too much to this life, but instead to the Hereafter.
Br Sahed:
Br Sahed: "Protection of Allah"
Masjid Manhattan. 1-17-14 - Khutbah

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