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"Patience (Sabr) by: Imam Siraj
Kutbah on 7-3-15 (3rd kutbah in Ramadan 1436) at Masjid Manhattan. Imam Siraj reminds us of the importance of having Sabr, especially during the month of Ramadan.
"How human beings have changed for the better"
Kutbah of 6/5/15 by brother Zaker Ahmed. Stories of how human beings have changed for the better.
“Challenges of raising our children in Islam”
“Challenges of raising our children in Islam”
Kutbah of May 29th, 2015 by brother Khidr. Great remainder about the importance of teaching our children about Islam at their young age.
“Be committed to your religion ”
“Be committed to your religion ”
Kutbah of 5-1-15 by brother Ahmed Samnoud at Masjid Manhattan.
Shaykh Abdullah Hakim:
Shaykh Abdullah Hakim: "Ten Points reflect on and that would change our lives"
Kutbah of 1/30/14. Brother Abdullah reminds us of ten points that could change our lives.
Br.  Uthman:
Br. Uthman: "Dhikr (Remembrance) of Allah"
Kutbah of 6-13-14 We should remember Allah through out the day.
Br  Abdul Nasser:
Br Abdul Nasser: " Don't lean to this Duniah (life)"
Kutbah of 3-21-14 Br. Abusl Nasser reminds us about our goals as Muslims and not to incline too much to this life, but instead to the Hereafter.
Br Sahed:
Br Sahed: "Protection of Allah"
Masjid Manhattan. 1-17-14 - Khutbah

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