Sheikh Mostafa

Shk. Mostafa:
Shk. Mostafa: " Welcome Ramadan 1435 (2014)"
Shk. Mostafa explains about the benefits that could be obtained during the month of Ramadan. Kutbah of 6-27-14
Shk  Mostafa : Sahaba Ma'qil Ibn Yasar
Shk Mostafa : Sahaba Ma'qil Ibn Yasar
Kutbah of 5-30-14: Story of Ma'qil Ibn Yasar and the reason behind revelation of ayat 232 in Surah Baqarah (2:232)
Shk  Mostafa:
Shk Mostafa: " Divorce vs Khulah "
Conditions for a divorce and a Khulah. What is the difference between these two type of Talaq? Kutbah of 3/28/14.
Shk.  Mostafa E:
Shk. Mostafa E: "Halal vs Haram"
Masjid Manhattan, Kutbah of 2/21/14 Halal actions vs Haram in Islam.

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