Most Recent Khubahs

" Who was Phophet Ayub (a.s.)"- By brother Azam
Masjid Manhattan - 1/24/20 Who was Prophet Ayub (a.s)? What did he taught us? Watch and find out. Amazing!
"Teachings behind the story in Surah Yasseen" - By Arfaz Khan
1/17/20 - At Masjid Manhattan What do we know about Surah Yasseen? What benefits does it bring its recitation? Listen and find out.
"Be aware of the whisper of Shaytan (Satan)!". By brother Usman
Kutbah 1-10-20 How can we help ourselves to overcome the whisper of the Shaytan? Listen and find out
"What does the New Year means to us as Muslims?" By: Brother Redwan
Kutbah 1/3/20 at Masjid Manhattan How do we use our time? Are we going to be hold accountable for how we use it?
"Gratitude in Islam" by brother Arfaz Khan
Kutbah - 12-13-19 at Masjid Manhattan. What do we show gratitude in Islam? Are we really thankful for what Allah has provided us? Must watch!
"Understanding the commandments of our Creator"
11/22/19 - Dr. D. Hussein Do we understand the commandments of Allah? Do we know what our Creator has commanded us to do? Listen and find out
"Satan, the deceiver" By Redwan Khan
Masjid Manhattan on 11 15 19
"Are Muslims allowed to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)?"
Is it okay for Muslims to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)? Did the Prophet (pbuh) celebrate his own birthday? Watch and find out! Kutbah at Masjid Manhattan on 11-08-19 by Sheikh Mostafa
"Hardships of a believer in Islam" By: Brother Arfaz Khan
Masjid Manhattan 11-1-19. Do you know how to overcome hardships? Watch and find out.
"Life of a believer" by" Dr. Delawar Hussein
Masjid Manhattan on October 25 2019. How the life a believer should be? Watch and find out!

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