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"Welcome Ramadan! How can we make the best of this blessed month? By: Sheikh Mostafa
Let's welcome Ramadan 2020. Let's remind ourselves of how we can make the best of this Holy Month. Due to COVID-19 qurarantine, we have used one of our archived khutbahs.
"How can we worship Allah this Ramadan while in COVID-19 quarantine?" By: Sheikh Mostafa
4/21/20 Sheikh Mostafa explains: Can we pray Taraheeh at home? What about our jamaah (congregational) prayers? See various Q&A related to the upcoming Ramadan while in COVID-19 quarantine. Must watch!
"Why so many calamities these days? What can the believers do to help themselves?"
Why Allah sends plagues and disasters to the land? What does the Q'uran says about this? What can we do to overcome the test? Sheikh Mostafa explains.
"Great lessons to learn from Surah Yusef" - By brother Redwan Khan
2/14/20 Kutbah at Masjid Manhattan. Must watch!
" Who was Phophet Ayub (a.s.)"- By brother Azam
Masjid Manhattan - 1/24/20 Who was Prophet Ayub (a.s)? What did he taught us? Watch and find out. Amazing!
"Understanding the commandments of our Creator"
11/22/19 - Dr. D. Hussein Do we understand the commandments of Allah? Do we know what our Creator has commanded us to do? Listen and find out
"Be mindful of your Lord" by: Sheikh Abdulrasheed Omar on 3-30-18
How to be mindful or our Lord? How to teach our children about Him? How can we care about our soul? To know the answers to these questions, you must watch! May Allah reward brother Abdulrasheed.
"Wasiyyat (Islamic will) and its conditions." By Sheikh Mostafa 3-16-18
Must Watch! What are the conditions of an Islamic will? Why it is important to have one? How should it be prepared? What takes priority when distributing the inheritance? Watch to find out the answers to these important questions.

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