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"Anger and Forgiveness" By: Hassan Raza -3 -17-17
March 17, 2017 kutbah at masjid Manhattan. An advise on how to control the anger and the importance of forgiveness.
"What takes most of the people to the Paradise?" By:Dr Dallwar Sultan 3/31/17
March 17th 2017 Kutbah at Masjid Manhattan by: Dr. Dallwar Sultan
"What can we do during times of hardship?" By: Nazur Islam on 3-3-17
What should a believer do in times of hardship? How to find inner peace
"Two qualities to have to reach happiness" by: Qari N. Islam 1- 27- 17
Beautiful khutba by brother Qari. What qualities we should have in order to reach happiness? Watch and find out. Jazakum allahukhyran brother Qari.
NYC Police Officer becomes Muslim at Masjid Manhattan! Takbeer!
NYC Police Officer becomes Muslim at Masjid Manhattan! Takbeer!
Officer Jordan makes his declaration of faith at Masjid Manhattan after the kuthbah on 12-23-16. May Allah bless him. Congratulations brother Jordan!

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