Recent Khutbahs (sermons)

"Gratitude in Islam" by brother Arfaz Khan
Kutbah - 12-13-19 at Masjid Manhattan. What do we show gratitude in Islam? Are we really thankful for what Allah has provided us? Must watch!
"Understanding the commandments of our Creator"
11/22/19 - Dr. D. Hussein Do we understand the commandments of Allah? Do we know what our Creator has commanded us to do? Listen and find out
"Satan, the deceiver" By Redwan Khan
Masjid Manhattan on 11 15 19
"Are Muslims allowed to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)?"
Is it okay for Muslims to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)? Did the Prophet (pbuh) celebrate his own birthday? Watch and find out! Kutbah at Masjid Manhattan on 11-08-19 by Sheikh Mostafa
"Hardships of a believer in Islam" By: Brother Arfaz Khan
Masjid Manhattan 11-1-19. Do you know how to overcome hardships? Watch and find out.
"Life of a believer" by" Dr. Delawar Hussein
Masjid Manhattan on October 25 2019. How the life a believer should be? Watch and find out!
"How to rectify our hearts" by: Brother Usman
October 18 2019 at Masjid Manhattan. Beautiful advise as to how to correct our hearts.
"Trials of the believers" By: Brother Nadeem
October 11 2019. Life is only a test for a believer. Watch and see how we can pass this test.
"Practice of Islam" By: Sheikh Mostafa
September 13 2019. What is the best way to practice Islam?Watch and see the beauty of Islam explained.
"Who built the First House of Allah?" By:Sheikh Mostafa
Kutbah of August 09 2019 Story of the K'abba.
"Benefits of the last 10 days of Dhul Hijjah" By :Brother Jawad
August 2 2019 Kutbah. What are the benefits we can obtain during the last 10 days of Dhul Hijjah?
"Should we overlook the fault of others?" By:Brother Afzal
July 26 2019 at Masjid Manhattan. Should we give our brother or sisters the benefit of the doubt? Do you know why, according to Islam, we should not judge anyone? Watch and see.
"Refrain from arrogance - Part 2" By: Shiekh Mostafa 7/12/19
Dangers of arrogance in Islam. Do you want to know how you can avoid arrogance? You must watch!
"Ways to refrain from arrogance" - By: Sheikh Mostafa
June 28, 2019 at Masjid Manhattan. Sheikh Mostafa explains how we can refrain from arrogance. This is a part one of two khutbas
"Unity" By: Shiekh Mustafa
3-15-18 Khutbah: Importance of Unity during difficult times. Let's learn to be more united after the horrible tragedy in New Zealand.
"Obedience to Allah" by: Brother Usman 03-01-2019
Wonderful reminder from brother Usman about we should follow Islam.
"Harms of Social Media" by Brother Afzal
02-01-2019 - What are the harms of social media? How we are so addicted to our phones? How all of these effect your practice of Islam. Watch and find out.
"Love for the Prophet (pbuh)" by:Brother Redwan
Amazing kutbah at Masjid Manhattan by brother Redwan on 1-25-19. Must watch!

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