Sheikh Mostafa

"Ramadan is over, now what? Benefits of fasting six days in the month of Shawal" By: Shk Mostafa
Frequently asked questions about fasting the six days in Shawal. All you need to know related to this topic.
"Can we pray Salat-Eid-ul-Fitr at home while in COVID-19 quarantine?"By: Sheikh Mostafa
If we are allowed, how should it be done? What are different the opinions of the Ulamah?
"Fiqh of Zakatul Fitr" By: Sheikh Mostafa
Do you want to know the rules of Zakatul-Fitr? Must watch!
"How can we worship Allah this Ramadan while in COVID-19 quarantine?" By: Sheikh Mostafa
4/21/20 Sheikh Mostafa explains: Can we pray Taraheeh at home? What about our jamaah (congregational) prayers? See various Q&A related to the upcoming Ramadan while in COVID-19 quarantine. Must watch!
"Why so many calamities these days? What can the believers do to help themselves?"
Why Allah sends plagues and disasters to the land? What does the Q'uran says about this? What can we do to overcome the test? Sheikh Mostafa explains.

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