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About Us

Masjid Manhattan Q7A is an academic, educational sub-site with aims to offer basic answers based on evidence from religious texts in an easy to understand manner. All of our Questions are answered by Sheikh Mustafa.

Our AIM is to:
  • To spread Islam and call people to it.
    To spread Islamic knowledge and dispel ignorance among Muslims.
    To respond to people’s needs by offering advice and answers based on evidence from religious texts.
    To refute the specious arguments of doubters about Islam.
    To advise people concerning day-to-day issues, by giving educational, academic advice about social and other matters.

Our Q&A section inshallah will promote the 'aqeedah (beliefs) of Ahl as-Sunnah wa'lJamaa'ah and the followers of the righteous early generations of Islam (as-salaf as-saalih). We strive to ensure the answers are based n evidence from the Holy Qur'an and the soundly-narrated )saheeh) prophetic Sunnah, and are taken from the writing of the scholars, including the imams of the four madhhabs, Imam Abu Haneefah, Imam Maalik, Imam ash-Shaafa'i and Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, as well as other earlier and later scholars.

Should you have any additional questions please use our Contact form on

O Allah, we ask You to make us steadfast in adhering to the path of guidance, and to help us to do that which You love and are pleased with.

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