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Adoption or abortion ?


Salam Alaikum,I really need your help. I am not married and was having sex out of wedlock. I am now pregnant as a result of that. What is the next action for my boyfriend and I should take that will be best for the child? Is abortion or adoption an option? Thank You.


Walikum salam sister

According to Islam, both abortion and adoption are haram and not an option. You should give birth to the child.

As you know pre-marital sexual relations are considered zinah (adultery) which is a great sin in Islam. Additionally, if a man committed fornication or adultery and then fathered a child/children then these children do not take his name according to the majority of the scholars and they do not inherit the man or vice-versa. But they can be named after their mother and they can inherit her and vice-versa as long as they are of the same religion. If she was a non-Muslim and later embraced Islam then they do not inherit each other. However, if the children are young then the ruling is that they are Muslims as their mother and so they can inherit her and she can inherit them.

Allaah knows best.

Sheick Mostafa

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