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Is it a sin for Muslim men not to keep a beard ?


Assalamu Alaikum.
I have a simple question, "not keeping beards for Muslim man is a Sin or not?"
I have a mind that; as keeping beards is a Sunnah, so it will be a sin if I don't follow it but some of friends told me,- I will commit sin if don't keep beards.
Please clarify my question.


In the name of Allah, The Most Kind.

Wa-alykum assalam brother,

The Prophet (pbuh) said in Hadith Al-Bukhari and Muslim that Ibn- Omar (RA) said that the Prophet (swa) said: “Be different than the mushrekeen, grow your beard and trim your mustache”. Also there’s an authentic Hadith narrated by Abu-Huraira (RA) said: “Five are from the Fitrah:

Al-Khitan (circumcision);
Al-Istehdad (shave or cut around you private parts)
Shave or trim under the arms.
Trim your nails.
Trim your mustache”- Narrated by the Jammah.

From this meaning we understand that we should grow our beards as it is from the fitrah. We should practice our Deen in order that we will be considered amongst Al-Moutaqeen meaning, those who listen and obey. Also we need to understand that every order we have received from Allah and His messenger becomes an obligation to us. Look to the words in the Hadith is which mentioned above“ be different than the mushrekeen by growing your beards”.

Back to you question, I can answer you Insha Allah by saying: growing beards in Islam is way of practicing the Sunnah of the Prophet (swa), so we could gain the Ajr and thawab from Allah Tabaraka wattalla. If we try to ignore the Sunnah, we will lose a lot by not obeying the Prophet (swa).

Some of the Oulama considered it’s haram to shave while others said it’s not haram (you are not sinner if you don’t do it) but, that you would lose only the reward.

Finally Allah said in the Holy Quran (Surah Al-Imrran): “O’ Muhammad say to the believers obey Allah and his messenger”.

Allah knows best.

Shk. Mostafa

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