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Wiping over the socks for the sixth time.

Assalamalaykum sheikh,

I know that when someone takes wooduh and wears his socks he can do maskh on his socks up to 5 times. After that he must do the wooduh by washing his feet again...the problem was that one day I forgot to make a new wooduh (washing my feet); instead I made maskh on my socks for the 6th time. After I had finished I realized that I was suppose to make wuzu by washing my feet. My question is what should I have done...should I have prayed all my salah again? I will wait for your answer...jazakallohul khoyr!!!


In the name of Allah, The Ever-Merciful

Walaykum salam brother,

Hadith (Imam Ahmed, Shafi, Ibn- Khuzaima, Termizi and A’Nasai) and the Sahih of the Sunnah that , Safwan Ibn- Assal RA that: “ our Prophet (pbuh) commanded us to wipe over the khufayen (leather made or any material made such socks which are covering the two ankles) if we had covered our feet pure (with Wudu). Also, as for the residents, it was permitted to wipe over for the whole day (five Salah) and if travelers, we were are allowed to wipe over the Khufayen for three days.. He (pbuh) had advised us not to take them out except of Janaba which needed Ghusl”.

The Masseh will become invalid if:

The period of time has expired.
If you remove the khufs or socks from your feet, the wooduh will be lost and the feet must be washed. You must remember that the clean khufs or sock must be put on while on valid wooduh.

How you count the five times? The answer is:

You put your socks or khuf with valid wooduh then you start to count how many time you making masseh. For example, you put your socks or khuf after valid wooduh after you prayed the Fajr :

If you lost your wooduh before Zuhr and at the time you making salah for Zuhr you could make masseh and it will be counted number ONE.
At the time you making salah for Asr you found yourself still have valid wooduh, the number of masseh still counted it one.
At the time of Magherib you still have valid wooduh again you still counted one masseh.
At the time of Isha you found yourself lost your wooduh go and renew your wooduh by making masseh and it will be masseh number two.
If you sleep with your socks or khuf and you wake up to pray the Fajr now, you need to renew your wooduh by making masseh on your khuf or socks and this will be masseh number three. But, if you take the socks out by night then you will have to wash your feet again.

Finally, if you don’t know the Hukm (any Islamic matters) and you committed any errors then, there’s no blames on you because Allah said in the holly Quran surah Al-Baqarah (2-286): “Rabana La-to-Akhizena inn Nasina Aow Akhta’Ana” “Our Lord Punish us not if we forget or fall into error”.

Allah knows best.

Sheikh Mostafa

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