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Is it halal to have credit cards?


Is the use of the credit cards Halal or Haram?


“Alhamdulillah wasalatu waslamu Alla Saydina Mohamed”

The Ulamah is divided in two different opinions:

Some scholars of the Shariah say that it is haram because the contract that it is signed with the credit card company includes and agreement to pay interest if the full payment amount is delayed on paid by the due date. Therefore, it is agreed to pay interest. As we know, Riba is forbidden in Islam and says what ever build originally in haram then, it is haram.

Current scholars approve to have credit cards with the condition that the payments are made on time and that the bill must be paid in full before the due date so there is not any interest involved. Other way, if the payment is delayed or the payments are made in installments, it will be haram. According to their opinion, the creditcards have become necessary for our generation to pay for the living expenses since dealing with cash sometimes becomes difficult. But, again, payments must be made in full every cycle and must be paid on time in order to avoid interest.

Allah knows best.

Shk. Mostafa

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