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Do we pay zakat on gifts money or saved for Hajj?

Assalamu Alaykum

One elderly person saves $4000 and she does not have any income . Her savings come from gifts from her family members. Does she have to pay zakah on that money? What about if someone is saving money to go to Hajj, does that person have to pay zakah on that savings?

In the Name of Allah,
The conditions to pay zakah on savings are the following:
The money should be in possession of the person for one year
The amount of the money should have reached the Al-nesab ( Al-nesab is equal to 595 grams of silver).
If the money saved has reached these conditions, then the person has to pay zakah for it (2.5%). It does not matter if the money came from gift or personal income, the person still will have to pay the zakah. The same rules applies for savings intended to be used for Hajj.

Allahu ‘alam,
Jazakallahu khyran.

Sheikh Mostafa

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