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What prayers do I need to make up after I become clean from the menses?



I recently found out that when a woman is menstruating and she becomes clean just before fajr that she has to pray maghrib and isha from the night before. Does this mean before the adhan for fajr is called or when the time for fajr has already come and before she prays? also I did not know this so does that mean I have to make up all of the salats that I was required to make up even though I don't remember the exact number of times that I may have been required to make up these salats? Do I just estimate?
Is it permissible to take pictures from a camera phone on a day like eid for the purpose of storing memories?


In the Name of Allah, The Ever Merciful.

Walaykum salam sister,

What you were told is incorrect. If you become clean before Fajr (after 12:am to Fajr time) you only need to pray for Fajr and do not need to make up the Magrib and Isha from the night before.

Now, this rule is different for the daytime and night salats. For example, let's say you become clean before Magrib, you will need to make up for the two afternoon salats (Duhr and Asr) and if you become clean before Isha or after Isha (before midnight), you will have to make up for the Magrib and then pray Isha.

The answer to your second question is that yes, you are allowed to take pictures on your phone for memories but you are not allowed to hang them on the wall.

Allah knows best.

Skh. Mostafa

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