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Is a sick person allowed to break his fast in Ramadan?


There is a person who is very ill and it is difficult for him to fast during Ramadan. Last Ramadan he did not fast, so does he have to give food since it is known that he is not expected to recover from this illness?


In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful,

If a sick person is not strong enough to fast Ramadan and he is not expected to recover from his illness, then fasting is not mandatory on him. Instead, he must feed a poor person for each day that he does not fast. He must feed the poor person the regular food eaten in a day. This is also the case of an extremely old person upon whom fasting is too difficult.

In addition, I would like to mention that in the case of a pregnant or nursing woman who fears about her baby could break her fast. She should make up her missing days before the next Ramadan. Otherwise, in addition to fasting the missing days, she will have to feed one poor person for each day missed.

Allah knows best.

Sheikh Mostafa

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