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Believing in Al-Qadr (destiny)


Could you clarify these questions for me please:

Does someone’s actions (amal) change his QADR or only dua changes the QADR?
If a person goes for work to another city and stays at his brother house because he is poor to pay for a hotel or he does not have another place to go, can he stay with his brother’s wife when his brother is at work for two days?


There is an authentic hadith from prophet Mohamad (swa) that says: “Al-duah changes the qadr”. Now, we need to understand that Allah could change our qadr based on our righteous deeds and duahs. Both good and bad actions are known to Allah. For example: Allah wrote in someone’s qadr that he would have an accident or that was going to get hurt later on in the day, but this person makes a sincere duah or does a good deed in the morning, Allah-supponahu-wa-Allah may change the qadr for this person and protect him against the accident.
No. This person is not allowed to stay alone in the house with his brother’s wife. Our Prophet (swa) said: “Any male who sits in privacy with a female, the third party would be the Shaytan.”

Islam bans all actions that may lead us to haram actions.

Allah knows best.

Sheick Mostafa

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