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Du'ah for time of hardship


Assalamu Alaikum. I am in financial hardship and going to fall into dept. This situation is also harding my mental condition. Can you please suggest me any special Prayer or Dua or Ibadat which will help me in this hardship? May Allah Bless us all.


In the Name of Allah the Most Knowing, the All Merciful

May Allah supponahu wa-Allah make it easy for you. I advise you to:

Read Surah Adukan (44).
To read Surah Almulk from ayat 9 to 12.
Ruquiah is performed by reciting last three surahs of the Quran (surah Iklass, surah Al-Falaq and surah An-Naas) and then blowing into your hands and passing your hands from your head up to your feet
Try to pray your five prayers at the masjid and recite or listen to the Quran as much as you could.
Ask Allah for forgiveness as much as you could during the day.
Read orayat al-kursi (Surah 2:255) before going to bed.
Also it is recommended tothe following dua'h putting your trust in Allah supponahu-wa-Allah: "Yahi Ya-Qayoom Berahmateka Nastagheth. Allahumma Ishfenna fa-Anta A'Shafi Shefaa La-Youghaderu Saqama. Besmella Allazi La yadorohu Maa-ismehi shayaa fi al-Ard walla fi Asmaa".

Allah knows best.

Shk Mostafa

Imam of Masjid Manhattan

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